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Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.
The Laborie Co-operative Credit Union was established in August 1976 and registered on 22nd May, 1981.
The idea was conceptualized after a number of community consultations and the recognition that the
community needed to mobilize its financial and human resources on a self-help basis, for the
development and improvement of the quality of life of the people of Laborie.

The initial operations of the Credit Union were conducted only on Saturday mornings at the shop of Mrs.
Vida Darcheville and later at the Laborie Village Council Office. In 1979, the business was relocated to the
Laborie Community Centre, where it remained until 1992. That year, with the assistance of Mr. Allan
Renee it acquired its own building and moved to new premises on Allan Louisy Street. In 1999, the
Laborie Credit Union opened a branch in Augier.

The Credit Union has been largely dependent on volunteer workers from its inception. The first paid
employee was Mrs. Petrona Bennett, who was appointed as a teller in 1980, while the first full-time
manger, Mr. Watson Louis was appointed in 1988. The Credit Union now employs a full complement of
staff with responsibilities for the day-to-day running of the business. Those employees are the only paid
officers of the Co-Operative. The services of the Board of Directors, Credit, Supervisory, and Education/
Member relations committees are voluntary.

Initially, the Laborie Credit Union served exclusively the Laborie region. However, its area of operations
now span River Doree to Cannelles, and includes Saltibus, Black Bay, and the entire constituency of
Vieux-Fort, with the opening of the Vieux-Fort Branch in November 2008. We continue to grow with
our membership, introducing new products and services geared towards satisfying the needs of our

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