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Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.
The Laborie Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. is an innovative and successful Credit Union, where  
employees and officers give of their best and therefore endeavors to help you our future member become  
the best version of yourself. It is with this belief that we invite you to become one of us. Remember to  
others you are risks, but to us, you are family.

By purchasing the required 20 Equity Shares at $5.00 a share, a $20.00 entrance fee inclusive of  
passbooks and a deposit as small as $5.00, you are well on your way to achieving your financial goals.

Membership Benefits:
•  Being the owner of a leading community based financial organization
•  The opportunity to serve others in the capacity of an elected officer of the Credit Union
•  The opportunity to participate in the decision making process of your Credit Union
•  Access to high quality financial services delivered in a non-exploitive business environment.
•  Membership in a global network of co-operatives.
•  Free consultations on financial planning.
•  Financial Counseling
•  Member Education

Membership Check-list:
You were born, reside, or own property within the area of operations; (River Doree to Cannelles)  
•  You work within the area of operations for the past 6 months; (Provide Job Letter)
•  Your spouse of parent is a member;
•  One form of valid identification;
•  Two References and their phone numbers (These two persons cannot be family members of the
•  Names of Beneficiaries (Can be up to four persons)
•  Membership Fees ($100.00 to purchase equity Shares and $20.00 for entrance fees)​​

Membership Application Form - Adult

It is never too early to start saving for our children’s future. Giving them the gift of financial security in  
world of uncertainty will facilitate their becoming productive and contributing members of our  

Parents and Guardians are eligible to open accounts for children between the ages of 1 to 15. Minors are  
unable to purchase Equity Shares until the age of 16, therefore, only an Entrance Fee of $20.00 inclusive  
of Passbooks and a deposit is required.

Minor's Account Checklist:
•  Your child was born within the area of operations,  (River Doree to Cannelles)
•  Child’s Birth Certificate
•  Parents’ Or Guardian’s Valid Identification (We accept any form of Identification that the child may
    have at the time.)
•  $20.00 Entrance Fees
•  Minimum of $5.00 for first deposit

Upon reaching the age of 16, children are no longer considered minors and are eligible to purchase Equity  
Shares and enjoy the full benefits of being a member of the Laborie Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd.

Membership Application Form-Minor