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Unlike the Vision account, the Vision Plus account is designed specifically for members who find it
difficult to save but have the discipline to repay their loans.  The vision plus account is a form of a loan
(advance) applied for by the member. The credit union will not disburse the money to the member but
rather credit the advance as part of the member’s savings.

Terms and Conditions

•  The account can be opened separately or as part of the member’s savings obligations whenever a loan
is taken
•  The total amount advanced will depend on the member’s capacity to save
•  Interest on advances will be 10%
•  The account will earn interest of 4% plus a patronage refund
•  The contractual period will be the same as the repayment period or three years, whichever is less
•  No withdrawals will be permitted from the account during the contractual period
•  Advances will be insured
•  Advances will be placed on shares and they will be tax deductible