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Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.
Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. (LCCU) -  At Your Service

Forgot to meet your financial obligations at a service provider or financial institution? At the LCCU, we
can spare you the hassle or embarrassment. All you are required to do is to select from the range of
transfer services that we offer. They work like 'Standing Orders' and include:
deductions for insurance premiums for self, family members, house, vehicle, etc.
payments to loan accounts.
deposits to saving accounts for self and others
payments for products obtained on hire purchase.
payments of utility bills.

We provide these transfer services for a small fee of $5.00 and at a time of your choosing such as, one
time only, fortnightly, bi-monthly, monthly, or for as long as you wish.

We guarantee you the prompt transfer of payments to your accounts at the following institutions:
Bank of St. Lucia
Bank of Nova Scotia
First National Bank
National Farmers and General Workers Co-operative Credit Union.
Pan American
Demerra Mutual
Courts St. Lucia Ltd.
Utility Companies: Lucelec, WASCO, Flow

Rest assured that these services and others can be arranged at and for your convenience. Come in and
talk to us at the Laborie Credit Union.