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The Vision Account, as the name indicates is a savings plan with a purpose in mind; be it Christmas
shopping, insurance payments, school and vacation, among other financial goals. This account can also
serve as part of a savings obligation whenever a loan is taken and can be used as loan security.

You, the member, sign a one year contract promising to save the same amount of money periodically.
This could be every week, fortnight or month. At the end of a one year period, interest is paid. If you
decide to increase the amount of money due for a particular period, no additional interest will be paid on
the increase. Conversely, if a savings period is missed or savings stopped, interest is forfeited.

Terms and Conditions
You must be committed to saving a minimum amount weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
The interest rate will be 3% on the anticipated contractual savings.
The contractual period is one year and monies cannot be withdrawn before the period and risk
forfeiting interest.
All interest will be forfeited if a savings period is missed or savings stopped during the contractual

It must be emphasized that interest is paid ONLY on contractual savings.
We offer Standing Order services for the automatic deduction of your desired savings amount for the
savings period you have agreed upon.

Vision Account Form